Woe is me. Scribd Unlimited was the best purchase I made for the sake of my Kindergarten reader who was going through a book or two a night. Scribd saved our family hundreds of dollars during our 5-7 month subscription to its service. I have to admit I was furious when I logged into Scribd a few days ago and noticed a limit of three (3) books. The three book limit is now being enforced if you choose a book that’s 10 pages or 1000 pages. It counts as one of your read options for the month. . This made me so mad I went ahead and cancelled my account with a nasty customer service email, but now that I’ve been lacking a paid account I’m actually missing scribd. Scribd has tons of PDF documents not available for free on the Internet and has an abundance of free sheet music which I’ve paid $3-$8 a pop to obtain.

I’ve been a 5+ year Amazon Prime subscriber and I naturally defected to Kindle Unlimited which works like the old Scribd used to work for children books. My wife will spend $100+ at my daughter’s school book fair. An unlimited subscription model has saved our family tons of money because it provides our young child thousands of books at her disposal with minimal cost to our family.

I’ll admit Scribd has a better library than Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited. The great thing about Kindle Unlimited (and pre-subscription model change Scribd) is that the quality of the book means nothing when your child is learning how to read. I need a quantity of books for a child that wants to soak up another title and three books on Scribd does not offer the same value as it once did for our child. I’m going to stick with Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited until they decide to fock consumer and going the route of Scribd, but I’m also going to keep a Scribd account for technical books that I might want to read in the immediate future. I noticed one of the books I was reading costs $40 on the Kindle store. I’d rather pay Scribd $47.88 for the year and read that book at a leisurely pace and collect an additional 35 reading credits for books I might want to read than pay Kindle $40 for an electronic copy.

I emailed Scribd customer support requesting they reinstate my account at the annual rate of $3.99/mo. I hope their customer support is understanding and gives my account all the goodies I had accumulated during the past year of membership.