I know you’re scratching your head on why someone would consider Apple’s iPhone SE the best phone out there at this time. I switched over to Android when Verizon Wireless released Motorola Droid’s original release and I was absolutely hooked on Android from that point going forward.

I’m a phone junkie and since I started using Android went with a 60-90 day upgrade cycle. You mention a 4G LTE Android phone on Verizon Wireless network and odds are I’ve owned the phone. Everything about Android including the bigger screens called my name. The best phone I found was ultimately Samsung’s Note series. I was absolutely in love with the phone. I have two Note 4’s sitting next to me collecting dust ATM. It’s actually this specific phone that drove me away from Android, but I’ll get into that in another post.

A phone I absolutely fell in love with was Motorola X’s original release. Going from a larger Note 2/3 to this phone was shocking as I was so used to a bigger screen. The software was absolutely perfect and the form factor was absolutely additcing with such a small footprint. Of course, it was more of a budget phone and comparing my larger Note 4 / S5 screen at that time with superior camera had me switch back to a Samsung 5 as a compromise between Motorola X’s smaller form factor vs. Samsung Note 4’s Texas sized screen real estate.

I was absolutely satisfied with Samsung’s S5 until they released a software update to a newer Android version that absolutely destroyed the reliability of the S5 to an unreliable and dissapointing phone. I went ahead and cut my loss and sold it on Craigslist and went ahead and purchased a Note 4. The Note 4 was perfect when it first came out, but Verizon ended up releasing an update to a newer version of Android which royally screwed the Note 4. I instantly began experiencing a constant boot loop on my brand spanking new Note 4.

I have Verizon Wireless $3/mo extended warranty replacement coverage. Aside from Verizon Wireless mobile footprint and network coverage, the main reason I keep VZW is due to this $3/mo extended warranty coverage only offered by Verizon Wireless. VZW will basically send you an updated phone at any point as long as it’s an issue with the phone not caused by physical or water damage.

Between my wife and my Note 4, Verizon Wireless has sent us a total of 8+ Samsung Note 4 because we can reproduce the issue with 100% of all Verizon Wireless Note 4 devices with nothing more than a few presses of the adaptive buttons on the bottom and Android upgrade. Between the S5 and Note 4’s unreliability I was absolutely disgusted at my situation and was in search of another phone. It was at this time I started to considering purchasing an LG G2 or Moto X because I wanted a smaller screen to try out again. I could have made the LG G2 work but at that point made a realization that I no longer enjoy rooting or installing custom ROMs from XDA’s vast selection.

I considered giving Apple a try again but didn’t want to go with an iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus considering the cost vs. what I paid for Android devices. There was a sale on iPhone SE and figured if I didn’t like it I could make it into a cheap iPod. I went ahead and popped in my SIM card and away I went.

I must say Apple made an amazing device with the iPhone SE.

To Be Continued…