Go ahead an laugh. I get it. You think this is silly. Here is my take on AMD Ryzen’s CPU launch that not many people have really mentioned. Intel has treated their high frequency CPU’s like gold while treating additional core / hyperthreading like platinum. Now that the dust has settled on AMD’s initial release of the Ryzen CPU it’s clear Intel i5/i7’s win when it comes to heavily optimized games on their chips when compared to newly released AMD Ryzen.

AMD knew right from the start they were not going to beat Intel with their frequencies, but they knew they could beat them in terms of core counts. What AMD created was a lower frequency CPU with cheaper cores that Intel has continue treating like platinum products. What people don’t realize is all Ryzen 7/5/3 chips are basically AMD Ryzen 1800X chips that have parts disabled to make the “lower end’ chips. AMD knew they would never beat Intel @ their high frequency game, so they gave Intel the middle finger and took something more valuable from Intel… the high premium they placed on chips with more cores.

Let me give you some examples. Before you consider my real world example as ridiculous think about all the benchmarks out there pitting a Ryzen chip vs an i7-7700k with 480p games… follow me?

I’m used to using low powered laptops and systems and understand how a cpu works, so i understand using a lower core count CPU requires concessions. These concessions come in the form of understanding that certain CPU’s can only manage one program at a time before the CPU starts to thrash. Now, many of you older people reading this may remember floppy drive trashing and access time. You may also recognize this trashing while using a computer with minimal memory while trying to multitask on the desktop or laptop.

The same thing happens with low core count CPU’s once pushed past their multitasking or multithreaded ability. It’s because Intel has had such a stranglehold on the CPU market that I’ve chosen to not upgrade my systems to the latest and greatest. I normally buy Lenovo Thinkpads that are 12-36 months old because they drop in value quickly and are reliable little mobile beasts.

To Be Continued…